Data and Network: WLAN & WiFi Services

Data & Networking: The Foundation of Any Network Infrastructure

Routing and switching solutions form the foundation of any network infrastructure, providing the platform to enable business-critical services and encourage technological innovation.

SBL Group provide an extensive portfolio of routers and switches that scale to meet the changing requirements of networks of all sizes. Our solutions feature industry-leading services, densities, bandwidth, availability and performance options, enabling total and unparalleled flexibility.

We help our clients simplify their network operations in order to maintain consistent features and configurations across the campus. We also help them to structure networks that are designed to evolve with their businesses, enabling smooth migration paths to new technologies and proven investment protection.

Scalability, Availability and Reliability

A framework that delivers performance through its scalability, availability and reliability is essential to any network infrastructure. This is achievable by bringing together core networking functions, including routing, switching, security, WAN optimisation and Internet services.

At SBL Group, our specialist partner network has the core technical expertise to assist our clients with their routing and switching initiatives at all stages of the deployment process – from design, to implementation and ongoing support.

Wireless LAN (WLAN)

SBL Wireless LAN WLAN networkUC and next-gen business applications are driving changes in the expectations of a WiFi network. Employees need to be able to work anywhere, on any device, with unhindered and secure access to all business applications

The mass adoption of mobile devices and the use of multimedia services throughout organisations is bringing new challenges for enterprises and IT managers. Multiple operating systems, adoption of cloud, and dynamic network demands can overwhelm the capabilities of separate standalone IT tools and systems.

SBL Group offers converged wired and wireless solutions to address networking challenges, management complexity and offer a consistent user experience. They comprise a rich set of secure BYOD (“bring your own device”) services that enable employees and customers to use corporate or personal, wired or wireless devices on the enterprise network, while the enhancements also help simplify IT operations, improving security and protecting business investments.

As a skilled integrator, SBL Group blends together ‘best of breed’ technologies and elements to bring you a cohesive, reliable and secure, high-performance network that supports your organisation’s operations.

Some of our key leading technology partners whom we work with include:

  • Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
  • Aruba
  • Ruckus

Hospitality Guest Wi-Fi services

SBL Group are experts in wireless networking and guest WiFi for hospitality and are leaders in the design and implementation of wireless networks for large hotels, conference and leisure facilities.  We work with multiple vendors to ensure that the solution provided works for your business.

We offer a range of solutions to cover the needs of your business and the ever-increasing demands from guests for a high quality wireless network.  SBL Group offer a range of options to cover everything from  5* hotels, conference centres and stadiums to more cost effective solutions for smaller and budget properties.  We can also offer an occupancy based OPEX solution for those companies that have fluctuating numbers of users.

Services we provide include:

  • Detailed wireless coverage survey, including marked CAD
  • Wireless network design. Standalone and Converged
  • Wireless network installation
  • Support and monitoring 24/7/365
  • Guest portal with “free to guest” and “chargeable” options
  • PMS Integration

We have solutions from single access points to large-scale deployment across multiple locations.

Wireless Heatmap

Before providing any WiFi solutions we will produce a professionally written wireless survey report that will remove the need of guessing just how good or bad your WiFi may be. It will clearly show exactly what the coverage is in a particular area and help highlight if any additional Access Points are needed… or simply need repositioning! After all guest surveys show that the No.1 complaint in most hotels is poor WiFi.



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