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Solutions for enterprise and corporate organisationsQunifi Enterprise is our collection of on-premise / cloud products for IP voice, unified communications and collaboration (UCC).

SBL Group offer an unique approach and solutions to these problems rarely seen in today’s market.  Our customers include recognised brands in all sectors including aviation, global manufacturing, hospitality, financial services and Education markets.

Qunifi Enterprise benefits

  • Better comms for more productive people. You know you’ve got the best comms technology when people don’t even notice it because they’re too busy collaborating. With our HD voice and video, virtual meetings are easy, clear and reliable. Your people will have the freedom to talk and work together in other ways too: IM, Presence, desktop sharing and more. And not just in the office: our apps for smartphones and tablets connect your mobile users to the tools they use in the office.
  • Simplify your systems. We use data networks to join up your organisation’s comms so if you have multiple sites your infrastructure will all work as one system.
  • It fits with what you already have. We can maintain your existing infrastructure and add Qunifi Enterprise. We’ll only recommend you replace your existing systems if it’s essential.
  • Get everything from one place. To install, set up and support a secure IP solution, you need a complex mix of skills to make it all work together. We’ve got all of it covered: design, security, service and reliability. And working with just one provider means it’s easier to budget and manage.

Public Sector

G-cloud approved telephone solutions for public sectorSBL Group are unique in being able to offer a cloud based UC solutions to the public sector through the government’s digital marketplace.  Have multiple customers within the public sector ranging from Universities to city councils we understand the singular procurement needs of the public sector and are able to deliver solutions that meet budgets and targets.  Our team of solution experts work with the customer to define the solution that is solutions for public sectorright for them, is future proofed and offers full service wrap to leave you with the peace of mind that you are in the right hands.


Public Sectors click here for SBLs G-CLOUD

Solutions for small to medium sized organisations

Efficient communication within your small business is more important today than it’s ever been.

Keeping your company’s employees connected to your customers and to each other becomes paramount as the speed of business continues to move faster.
Your business is sophisticated. There are lots of moving parts that have to work together.  And keeping everyone on the same page and in sync is essential to earning customer loyalty and ultimately profitability.

  • Today’s small businesses use technology to stay in sync through:
  • Voice: Connecting calls and messages to mobile employees faster
  • Video: Using live video to communicate clearer

Data: Making company digital files and information available to employees from anywhere
Solutions for small to medium sized organisations

After all, the great thing about every small business is its ability to be quick and nimble – to quickly respond to new and changing customer needs in efficient and unique ways that your larger competitors simply can’t do.

At SBL Group, we understand small business.

Vertical sector solutions

SBL Group have been helping businesses in all sectors for over a decade including hospitality, retail, manufacturing, legal, distribution and education.  Our professional staff deliver expertise allowing customers to achieve success through utilisation of our communications solutions. 

To see some examples of how we have helped customers click here 


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