Alcatel Lucent System Support & Maintenance – Up to 12 months FREE!!

Alcatel Lucent Enterprise System Support & Maintenance

Take advantage of our 12 months FREE telephony support offer. SBL are the UK’s leading provider of Alcatel Lucent system support & maintenance services. We have engineers based around the UK ensuring speedy and effective response to any issue. Alternatively, you can ensure your telephony cost over a long period by opting for a 5 year contract.

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You will be in safe hands with SBL’s experienced team!


An Alcatel Lucent Enterprise system support & maintenance contract with SBL Group ensures your business’ telephony requirements are met. We have a number of standard and bespoke SLA’s available. We work with our clients in a proactive manner to ensure that the probability of a dramatic failure is reduced to its lowest possible level. Thus SBL creates a partnership with our clients to ensure they can communicate with their customers; facilitating continuing success.

We have a 5 point process to ensure you get the service you deserve:

SBL Blue Tick - 50x50System design and installation
You will have only the best quality system as we ensure any installations, both existing and completed by ourselves, are of the highest standard.

SBL Blue Tick - 50x50Documentation, revision control & diagnostics
All of your on-site equipment, hardware, and software will be fully documented. Remote diagnostics makes pinpointing any issue with your system quick and simple.

SBL Blue Tick - 50x50An experienced team at your service
You could benefit from SBL Group’s experience. We are already trusted by hundreds of clients to provide the support and maintenance for business telephony systems.

SBL Blue Tick - 50x50Incident handling
An incident handling procedure is in place to ensure any faults you have with your system are resolved as quickly as possible. Minimising the impact on your business.

SBL Blue Tick - 50x50Service review
“What gets measured gets done”. Regular service reviews will give you a far clearer understanding of how your Telephony System is performing.

How would you benefit from an Alcatel Lucent system support and maintenance contract?

Of course you only want the best for your business. The following are just a few of the ways that our support and maintenance can be beneficial to you.

SBL Blue Tick - 50x50Your faults will be resolved within a timescale set by you in your bespoke SLA

Alcatel Lucent system support & maintenance contract

SBL Blue Tick - 50x50Highly qualified in-house engineers, across the country, at your service

SBL Blue Tick - 50x50Fit for your needs – a range of flexible response times

SBL Blue Tick - 50x50Only pay for what you need – consumption-based models available

SBL Blue Tick - 50x5095% of faults fixed remotely

Alcatel Lucent Support & Maintenance

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